Hero factory Brazil – We continue to manufacture heroes

Hero Factory Brazil

We continue to manufacture heroes

This month has been very productive for us in the group Hero Factory Brazil, as well as is almost finished our fifth episode of the first season “Robot Rescue XD” the success of our old production again increased the number of visits on social networks. On youtube, for example, compute mias 1060 entries with 2,419,123 total views of our videos. Also we are posting our former productions in our Facebook page, each with a large number of access, a true viral!
We also noted an increase of 50% hits on our website that reaches more than four thousand hits daily, these data encourage us and much to continue with the project and we believe we can further.in the future Plan for the future is always good, means that we can achieve goals more easily. It’s hard, but only if you really believe we evolved, if you really work hard for it. A major challenge is to improve our site, both the designer as well as the contents of materials placed here. For now everything is by one person, that I am (Irio Jesus Silveira) to brawl too much time to organize the site. The idea is to invite more people who would like to write material for us, so that if you are reading this article and want to have a space on our website, please send an email to us we will contact you shortly. Another strategy is to invade the public abroad, for it would have to re dub all our productions for English and once again the invitation to do that are interested. Speaking of which, in our next episode the villain will speak in Spanish, “El Bigodon” is a robot Mexican and will be dubbed with a friend of ours who lives in Uruguay. That’s it folks, that’s it for now and invite all who like our facebook page, it does not cost anything, just click on the banner below:

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